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This project was first started in 2018, as an idea to build an international knowledge-base about the "post 1990 feminism", what some may call "modern feminism" or "3rd and 4th -wave feminism". As an standard observation, what differs these "waves" of feminism from the "1970 feminism" or the "1st and secound wave of feminism" mite be their political ideology and unvillingness to "lay down their weapons", as it where, or to see that the fight for equality had been won. 

Rather, the modern feminists have taken in an conspiracy-theory of the male as an "eternal opresser", called "the patriarchy".

Feminism.exposed is being put up for sale to those who have the time and resources to build this project to its full beauty and bloom. The price is sat to 17 800 $.

Contact me via this ad at the Norwegian sales-site finn.no to discuss the offer https://www.finn.no/bap/forsale/ad.html?finnkode=158224104.

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