By Kristian Eik through Pikaia Science


By supporting you help to counter a blind ideology gaining more ground and power in the world. Belive me, you do not want feminsm to infiltrate your political system. If you already live in a place where this have happened, you know what im saying. By supporting this project you are helping spread aweareness around the problems with the ideology, and help aim for a bether future - for everyone.

And please help us spread the message.

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Do you disagree?

Voice your oposition to what you find on this site. For example, why is feminism any bether then humanism? How does it promote equality - in pratice? How does it integrate with science; specificly biology?

Do you agree?

Tell us why. And boys, keep it civillized. We know your angry, and you have every right to be so. But we are stronger as an oposition to the radical feministic movement - by being calm, rational and puting foreword our problem with the ideology in a civillized maner. Note that irony, satire, humour and jokes - is allowed. Threaths is not, and may be reported.


Please keep in mind that it is smart to by anonymous online. We recomend that you use the or enter your details option here, and leave the email-field blank. And to everyone: threats is illegal and is not covered by freedom of speech. Attack the points - not the person.

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